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Look at the filthy rich Hollywood community and tell me rich folks are Conservative haters. Far and away, most Conservatives are regular working family people. They live in a 2500 sq ft or less home, they have a couple of cars and plenty of debt. They might have some savings, a 401K and some retirement squirreled away. real estate bonsall ca That's about it.

Santa Barbara relievers Zak Edgington, Bryce Uhrig and Greg Davis retired six of the final seven Pack hitters over the final two innings to secure the victory for starter Jesse Meaux (2-1). The Pack ended up getting just one hit over its final 11 innings on Saturday.

With all of these resources around you, just about anyone can own a home, and in this great country, the american dream of Home Ownership is completely within all of our grasps!

If you or someone you know rode a MTA train without paying, you should feel lucky as verification by the L.A. County Sheriff or fare attendant is at random. It is illegal to re-sell your ticket and if proof of payment is not visible (you can't just open your wallet to show you have the money to pay, trust me), citations are issued. These are around $250, may be combined with community service hours. Interest accrues if continuously ignored and if you happen to get caught by the Sheriffs while riding with at least two warrants, you will be arrested on the spot.

Right now Conservatives leaders, Sarah Palin included, are engaged in an effort to reiterate and educate what Conservatism is. I know her political opponents love it. They see her reemergence as an opportunity to return to their pitbull personas. A renewed chance to take her very normal and mainstream life and beliefs and ridicule them as if she were evil incarnate. To paint this woman as the most hateful creature this side of Hell.

One of the immigration rallies in the U.S was planned to kick off at 8 A.M in California. They expect a second march to commence at 2 P.M and then a rally will be held at MacArthur Park at 5:30 P.M. According to rally organizers, the march is to try to gain full legalization for the millions of illegal immigrants in the U.S. Last year approximately 400,000 - 500,000 people missed work on May Day in order to join the rally. This year they are hoping for an even bigger turnout.

Many of the beaches in California are designated Smoke-Free beaches. You can find a list of all smoke-free beaches on the Earth Resources Foundation Website. Huntington Beach (the site of the beach clean up) is on this list and we did not expect to find all these butts. Of course recent rains in california union have meant that our streets and gutters have been cleared out and the water has flowed down to the ocean via the watershed, bringing with it the disposed of butts and much more.

8:00 PM - Movies In the Park at La Romeria Park, 19501 Inglewood Ave., Torrance. Movie of the night is Back To the Future. Call (310) 618-2930 for more information.

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