The history of Spain dates back to the Middle Ages In 1516, Habsburg Spain merged a variety of inconsonant predecessor kingdoms; its modern kind of a constitutional monarchy was introduced in 1813, as well as the existing democratic constitution days to 1978. The guideline of the Spanish Bourbons proceeded under Ferdinand VI (1746-59) and Charles III (1759-88). Under the guideline of Charles III and his preachers - Leopoldo de Gregorio, Marquis of Esquilache and José Moñino, Matter of Floridablanca - the economy improved. Being afraid that Britain's victory over France in the 7 Years' Battle (1756-63) endangered the European equilibrium of power, Spain allied itself to France and invaded Portugal, a British ally, however suffered a series of army defeats and wound up needing to cede Florida to the British at the Treaty of Paris (1763) while obtaining Louisiana from France. Spain regained Florida with the Treaty of Paris (1783 ), which ended the American War of independence (1775-83), and got a better international standing.

Financial institutions based in Madrid perform 72% of the banking activity in Spain. 71:474 The Spanish reserve bank, Financial institution of Spain, has existed in Madrid given that 1782. Supplies & shares, sexkontakt [] bond markets, insurance policy, and pension funds are various other important forms of banks in the city.

The government, almost bankrupt, was incapable to pay her soldiers. There were few inhabitants or soldiers in Florida, so it was sold to the USA for 5 million bucks. In 1820, an expedition meant for the colonies revolted in Cadiz When armies throughout Spain pronounced themselves in sympathy with the revolters, led by Rafael del Riego, Ferdinand was and also yielded compelled to accept the liberal Constitution of 1812. This was the beginning of the 2nd bourgeois change in Spain, which would last from 1820 to 1823. 71 Ferdinand himself was positioned under effective home apprehension throughout of the liberal experiment.

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