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Ask any YouTube recurrent customer that what specification he would want Google to include in YouTube, his/her first will would be "Convert and Download" feature since you can neither convert YouTube videos nor download them directly from the website but still you can do all of this easily in a couple of to mp3 How? The solution lies within these words and you know that "YouTube to Mp3 Converter".
You already know a YouTube to mp3 converter and downloader can solve the problem but you don't know what converter to make use of, which one provides the best quality and can take virtually no time for conversion roughly?
ListenVid is really self-explanatory and clean website for mp3 conversion. Whether you want to download video or audio, you are given by this site both and that too at an extremely fast rate, you will not have to wait too much for a video of 4-5 minutes, it's just finished converting in 4-5 seconds. All you have to is a video Web address and Listenvid will download the YouTube video to its server, convert it and then enable you to download the modified audio or listen vid data file.
Talking about vid to mp3 transformation, then this web site is proficient at it too. You get five formats for conversion and downloading files, namely .aac, .MP3(320kb), .MP3(256kb), .MP3(128kb) and .m4a for audios and .3gp, .mp4, .webm, .f4v for videos.
Not only YouTube! You can use this tool to download videos from other popular sites like Instagram, SoundCloud, Vevo, Dailymotion, Facebook, Metacafe, Vimeo, to mp3 You may edit the altered file also, you can crop it, change the name of artists, music etc. Listenvid's video recording conversion tool is totally server based which means you don't have to download any software whatsoever. Indeed a dependable YouTube to mp3 Converter and downloader.

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