Autumn Harvest Time And Festive Holidays In Tapestries

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By the 16th century, we learn to experience the lives of both peasants along with the nobility celebrating the autumn and harvest time. With the summer crop coming to fruition in October or November, it was an all natural time for the people permit loose and also have bacchanalian festivals, where wine flowed and food was plentiful. Expressed in tapestries, it was a time of thanksgiving to get a good crop that would start to see the person over the long cold winter months. Even during periods that have been lean, a celebration and sharing of food was a natural human expression with the joint trying times that lay ahead for anyone. Wall tapestries provide us with a look into the past, not so different from our current times. In earlier times, the constant concern was for the crops - whether it was a good balanced year of rain, sun and healthy harvests. These plentiful times were expressed in tapestries by ornate borders bearing fruit, flowers, and vegetables, with the main theme with the wall hanging tapestry being a festive scene or even a harvest of plenty. Difficult times were expressed in tapestries with sparse landscape, battle scenes of war, or scenes from your bible showing death and destruction.

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