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interesting with the chroniclers' declarations and to the archaeologists' testimonies, games have actually existed throughout the whole history of human society. Prior to we begin to learn more concerning online poker we wish to develop the general classification of video games and to identify the location of online poker within its frameworks. Mostly classifications are relative yet still we need them in order to have the general concept of any type of sensation.

Sports games, intellectual games and also betting.
Sports games: the idea of the video game, where the final result (triumph or defeat) is accomplished mainly at the cost of sports qualities of the rivals.

Intellectual video games: the suggestion of the game, where the final result (success or loss) is accomplished mostly at the expense of intellectual qualities of the rivals.

The relativity of these meanings is evident. Sports games (boxing, football or any other type) surely have intellectual part. In every kind of games we have to think. Most of popular athletes today prefer to keep their personal sports journals where they explain in every information all their competitors as well as training issues.

Standing apart from others is the third sort of video games: gambling and also online casino games.
The meaning of gaming and also casino video games based upon the suggestion of the video game, where the outcome (victory or loss) is attained by chance. In such type of games the sports or intellectual or other top qualities of the competitors are not primary. Believe it or otherwise but according to this category poker belongs to the second group, intellectual games. Let's count on the much more comprehensive evaluation of the last.

Pundit games. Games with nearly excellent information and also games with inexact details.

Games with practically perfect information: the idea of the game where all the game info (the placement, the gamers' actions) is fully available to all participants of the game.

To level there is restricted details even in that type of games. That is: every gamer has its own concept of the game action and also these ideas as a rule are unknown to others. Chess is one of the most striking instance of intellectual video games with virtually excellent info.

Games with inexact info: the idea of the video game, where the part of details is mutually concealed from all its individuals. The details kind can be various. As an example in backgammon the video game position and also players' actions are completely open, nonetheless, the result of future dice throw is unknown to every one of participants. Consequently, in poker the scope of concealed info is larger: the unidentified details is not just the future appearing of cards from a pack but additionally the cards of each participant since they are hidden from the remainder individuals of the video game.

We have made this preliminary analysis in order to attract the readers' attention to the comparison of two sorts of intellectual games. As an example for a game with virtually perfect details we will examine chess, as this video game is possibly widely known to our readers. As an example of video games with inexact info we will research texas hold'em.
We have actually discovered that in both the video games the result is accomplished by intellectual qualities. Yet the intellectual initiative is just a spoken interpretation. Just what does it represent?

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