Marriage Relationship And Sex - 4 More Secrets On How Sex- Like Fine Choclate Makes A Great Marriage

Sex in a marriage relationship is definitely something worth talking about. Not ordinary sex but satisfying rewarding and sizzling sex. It is actually something to savor like the best chocolate and over the years hone your sex skills to be like fine wine, masterpiece paintings and good old fashion comfort food, prized-appreciated and rewarding.

A Quick Guide to Chocolate Good Sex.

Sex in a relationship should have the opportunity to age beautifully. So treated it right. Like fine wine - appreciate that it did not get that good over night. It is the depth of the flavor of the wine that is prized.

Like a masterpiece painting, it is in the eye of the beholder and looks good in any light. A masterpiece painting is not a snap shot of life. It only becomes art when it is appreciated.

Good sex is like a food craving that is satisfied in the first mouth watering bite. Like the total delight of that cup of hot chocolate when you were a kid or a hot bowl of soup after coming in from a bitterly cold winter's day. Oh so rich and rewarding.

Sex is something to look forward to. And just like good chocolate, quality beats just quantity. Now, don't get me wrong I did not get this wise overnight. When I was first married I just about rubbed all the spots off my man in delight. But now after decades, yes decades, of a fantastic marriage, I found that quality is that opportunity to go deeper in showing care and love. Appreciate and savor the richness in the relationship and you will get a richness out of the relationship. Chocolate doesn't care who buys it, but you care what chocolate you eat.

So treat your sex life like chocolate.
1. Hold out for the good stuff, it is so worth your while.2. Don't freeze it-temper it. Chocolate is best when it is the optimum temperature. Arguments and the needing to be right all the time can definitely put a chill on the best relationships. There is no argument that is worth freezing each other out.3. Love it in all forms, from mint chocolate chip ice cream to a cup of piping hot chocolate with marshmallows on top, a personal favorite of mine, to the quick rush of favor jav stream as a piece of rich velvety chocolate melts on your tongue. As your relationship deepens, like in seasons, appreciate all the differences the years bring.4. Don't ignore it to have it dry up or melt on it's own. Put care and time into your relationship, treasure it and you will have better, richer and more rewarding sex.

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