Reasons to Buy Bead Tip Hair Extensions

Microbead hair extensions, otherwise known as beaded, bead-tip are a popular alternative for extension lovers that want to avoid adhesive tapes, fusion methods, or hot glues. You will find that hair extensions add a great new dimension to your personality.

Bead tip hair extensions are a great way to add length and fullness to hair with a low risk of damage. However ensure that you need to get them installed correctly by a great stylist to avoid damage. Micro bead Hair Extensions are unique and beads used in them are very small but perfectly sized to hold both the natural hair and the tip of the hair extension. There are a few different kinds of beads, but they are all tiny and soft enough to be crimped down to hold the hair and the hair extension in place during installation. Basically the extensions are designed as small bundles of hair, called strands, are attached to hair near the roots with a small bead, rather than wefts that are more typical of the tape-in method.

Hair Extensions St. George Utah is popular as the beads are very professional way for installing hair extensions. While a professional stylist is essential to install, move-up, and remove these extensions the advantage of beads is that you don’t need chemical removers or excessive heat to work on them. If you have particularly sensitive hair and skin you have the benefit from a beaded method, rather than tape or fusion hair extensions. Bead extensions can last for a long time, however you must ensure good quality and it depends on the quality of hair and care routine.

Hair Extensions Utah last for three to six months, which is a good benchmark for most good quality beaded extensions. Technology has changed the usage and manufacturing of hair extensions. The hair extensions industry is always evolving and applying extensions these days is quite easy. As always small changes can be revolutionary, similarly with hair extensions, beads are responsible for single handedly launching hair extensions into mainstream hair salons across the world. Prior to the bead’s use, few hair specialists had the knowledge, patience, or dexterity to sew-in extensions. Thanks to the beads that have brought the change for good.

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