How To Screenshoot Laptop

The types of laptops are now varying from the types of cheap to expensive laptops that we can now find throughout Indonesia and the world. The need for these laptops is also a necessity like we eat rice everyday, it's like eating non-rice dishes is certainly not good right? well, so is the description of laptops for our daily needs. Even though the use of this laptop is common, there are still some people who have problems about this laptop, one of them is they are confused how to screenshot a laptop (taking pictures on a laptop screen)

Usually screenshots of this laptop are needed by students and students who want to preview a picture or material from the internet. Here we will give a few short tutorials on how to screenshot this laptop either by using an application or using an application. Usually we use this method to take certain pictures or screenshots required.

Laptop Screenshot Without Application

1. Using Ctrl + Printscrn (on the keyboard)
Open the file / image / material that you want to take screenshots
After that type on the keyboard Ctrl + Prnscrn
then the image is automatically screened
If you want to cut open the paint default Windows application
then press Ctrl + V then after the image that has been in the screenshot will appear
To retrieve certain parts, use the crop feature on the paint application
How to Screenshot a Laptop With an Application

1. How To Screenshot With Lightshot (Recommendation With This)
Prepare the lightshot application first you can download it here
Then install the lightshoot application
Open the object / image you want to screenshot
use the keyboard button on the keyboard to take a screenshot
mark the object you want to screenshot
then press the save icon to save the image

2. Laptop Screenshot How To Snipping Tool (Windows 10)
Open the Snipping tool (you can type in the search start snipping tool)
After opening, do a screenshot by opening the object / image you want to screenshot
Then click new then block the object / image you want to screenshot
To save, select the file then save as and select the folder where the screenshot will be saved

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