LIve Real Quick Qount Official Results from the Government and KPU Indonesian Presiden 2019

Live Real Quick Qount Official Results from the Government and KPU - In Indonesia, in April 2019 a presidential election, a legislative election, a regional legislative election, a legislative election dprd kb / city, and an election in the dpd. Where people became the determinant in choosing this Indonesian leader. President Pak Prabowo Subianto and Mr. Jokowi Dodo became presidential election candidates in 2019 this year. However, at the time of vote counting through the quick qount there were different results for each institution. Therefore we gave the site a quick qount vote recommendation of the president's choice in this year 2019.


1. Open the official KPU website (
2. There will be seen real quick qount data collection results conducted by the government
3. But sometimes the server will be down because it is accessed by people all over the world
4. So when accessing the web try to use a fast internet connection

This information on the website can not only see the presidential election but also can see the legislative election dpr, pileg dprd provilnsi, pileg dprd kb / kota, and dpd elections

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