4 Reasons why Cargo Bikes are the Best!

Believe it or not, people are falling in love with cargo bikes more and more. Think about a bike, which is eco-friendly, doesn’t cause any pollution and lets you carry your child, luggage, and more!

Having said that besides being eco-friendly, pollution free, and letting you save tons of money, a cargo bike is always better than your typical 2-wheeler bikes!

  1. Cargo bikes can much more than groceries

Think of cargo bikes as minivans, which can carry so much more than groceries. The typical 2-wheelers come with 400-pound load, whereas the three-wheelers come with 500-pound load! This means that there a space for an extra rider. You can carry your kid or your pets everywhere around the city without really paying for a taxi or burning any fuel.

  1. You can customize them

An electric cargo bike can ride up to 30 miles an hour and it comes with headlights too. Not just this, you get turn signals, a stylish roof and then lots and lots of cargo space. Decide what kind of cargo bike you want and you can have that.

You might think that it comes with so many features, you will require a driving license to ride it. But, the good news is, since it is legally a bike, you can paddle our bikes on bike paths and on the lanes in any weather.

Do you know that cargo bikes can save up to 6 tons of CO2? Imagine the amount of air pollution that will be reduced on a daily basis if you start using cargo bikes! Creative minds are coming up with really good designs for cargo bikes too!

  1. Cargo bike- Letting you run a small food bike stall

Imagine a cargo bike and a rider selling tantalizing food on the streets! Since cargo bikes come with a lot of space, you can keep all the food items in the space securely and sell them to people on the go! Now, what can get better than this? We have already learned about the amount of CO2 emission that we will save by utilising cargo bikes, but selling food on cargo bikes is definitely a new idea for you!

Park your bike outside the building easily, it will not consume a lot of space. Go to the building, deliver your food, and get ready for another location.

  1. Finally, you will be able to ditch your car!

Soon after the launch of cargo bikes, it gave new hopes to people who wanted to ditch their cars. And it seems like; finally, that dream is coming true. Cargo bikes are not as costly as your car and the amount of money you will save on fuel, taxes, maintenance, and insurance, cargo bikes are definitely the right choice.

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