Here’s Why iStick Basic is Gaining Popularity Among New Vapers

iStick Basic, a vaping device, is gaining popularity and is turning out to be a favourite among millions of vapers. A section of the vaping community, mostly new and emerging vapers, are preferring it more than any other types of vapes out there.

One reason for this popularity is the fact that it has been designed keeping in mind the needs of beginners. However, there’s more to it than just that.The starter kit comes with unique options to choose from, along with offering the new vapers ease of use among other benefits. Let’s discuss the reasons that are making iStick Basic a popular vaping option for beginners.

First, let's take a look at its essential features.

Basic features of iStick:

* Power output with direct current

* A battery capacity of 2300mAh

* 2ml tank capacity with state-of-the-art magnetic tank connectors.

* An option to choose from 6 colours, i.e., blue, black, grey, silver, hot pink and red

Now, over to the reasons!

Four reasons that make Eleaf iStick popular:

i. Comes in an innovative style and build

iStick, unlike other beginner’s vaping devices, comes with attractive style and build completed with a sleek metallic finish. Its edges are well-rounded, making it comfortable for users to hold the device in hand and use.

Another styling factor that differentiates it from other options is that it is considerably lightweight. It also comes with two cut-out windows in its metallic body offers full visibility of the tank, helping a user to keep track of the liquid and refill it before it gets exhausted.

Another new feature that iStick implements are magnetic connectors to connect its juice pods. The tank needs to be slid into the slot and is held in place by two magnets on each side. The design reduces the chances of vape juice leaking and creating a malfunction in the circuitry as it is separated from the device’s electronic components. The vape tank of Eleaf iStick is also easy to clean.

ii. Brings ease of use

Sticking true to its ‘Basic’ tag, the device offers ease of use perfect for use by beginners. Unlike other vaping devices which come with temperature control or variable wattage, iStick uses an intelligent system that automatically determines the ideal settings. So, a new user can stay away from the worries regarding how to keep the device temperature consistent and when to heat up. It is also easy to power on an off. One can turn it on or off by pressing its single external button five times in a row. A single LED light indicates power, battery level and charging status.

iii. High on performance

The powerful 2300mAh battery ensures about four hours of continuous use after it is charged only one time. For people who go for infrequent vaping, it can last for much longer on standby when charged fully.

Also, the draw from the device is considerably better than many other starter vapes.

Hence, high performance, easiness of use and an innovative build make iStick Basic the preferred option. A combination of these interesting features has created a great appeal among new vapers, thus making it popular.

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