Canadian Texas Hold'em Players Issue Class Action against Full Tilt Poker

Canada joined the list of lawsuits for Full Tilt Poker
In addition to the Pokerstar PokerStars, the Poker 모바일카지노Room, which now dominates the headlines of major poker news sites, has only the full-speed poker (FTP) that has already been named. Recently, the constant and constant FTP has launched an "attack" against the PokerStars frequently on the headlines of major poker news sites. It was once again sent to the stage of prosecution by Canadian poker players.
Full-Speed ​​Poker (FTP) is hard to beat 온라인바카라and has been hit hard again. The Canadian Consumer Lawyers Group has filed a class action against the site for Canadian FTP poker players. Since the FTP site was closed on June 29, 2011, lead attorney Jeff Orenstein is convinced that funds worth $10 million to $20 million for Canadian players are still being frozen on FTP.
According to the chief plaintiff of the case, Mitchell Schnurbach, there is a $1-$5 balance left in his player account. This information is accurate and reliable. There are also some poker players who reported losing $10,000 to $250,000, which led to the Canadian Consumer Lawyers Group also inviting Canadian victims of other victims to jointly sued the site.
The lawsuit is still in its infancy and it is necessary for the judges of Quebec to approve the case before proceeding. If approved, the lawsuit will target FTP's assets in the US and Canada.

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