EPT Madrid Main Event Round 1 Group B: Juan Navarrete Azon leads the chip

Some people say that the first round 더킹카지노of Group B of the EPT Madrid Main Event will attract more people than the A group. It turns out that they are right. On Tuesday, a total of 352 Texas Hold'em players participated in the €5,000 €300 buy-in event, which is nearly three times the size of 125 people in Group A. As a result, the EPT Madrid Main Event has a total of 477 players, which is lower than EPT Barcelona (811 players) and 686 players at the Madrid site last year.
After a day of hard work, Spain's Juan Navarrete Azon became the chip leader in Group B and the chip leader in the entire first round. He has accumulated a total of 173,200 chips. After two days of statistics for Group A and Group B, players with the top 4 chips appeared in Group B, while Group A's chip leader Sergiy Baranov was only in fifth place.
The 477 players created a prize pool of 2,313,450 euros, and a total of 72 players can enter the money circle. The final champion can get a prize of 45,000 euros.
Chip leader Juan Navarrete Azon has no reputation in the live tour tournament. He only entered the money circle three times last year. In 2011 he won the 47th place in the EPT Barcelona Main Event and the prize €16,000 ($23,051), and all his money is from his hometown of Spain.
Navarrete made a huge leap at the end of the night. He grabbed a huge pot from Steve O’Dwyer. This hand can be said to be the most intense competition in recent competitions. Navarrete raised to 1,600 before the flop and another player called and O’Dwyer re-raised to 4,900 at the button position. Navarrete re-raised to 12,600, another player folded and O’Dwyer raised to 21,000. So Navarrete pressed the remaining 70,000 chips. O’Dwyer called and then pulled out his pocket Q. But he is very unfortunate because Navarrete takes a pocket K.

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