Why do you need email marketing services?

A business needs to keep an open one-to-one communication with its customers, and an email is the only mode which ticks all the boxes, easy, private and reliable. In order to keep your business in your customer’s mind, it is very important to keep the frequency of your emails to once or twice a week, if not your customer may forget about your business.


What is email marketing?

In simple words, Email Marketing is a form of marketing where a business sends bulk emails to its customers or prospects about its products and services.

When a customer comes to your website and you have collected their email during the registration process that is your greatest opportunity to welcome them to your business family and time to promote your products and services, which the customer may be keen about. To do all that, you need a good Email Marketing Campaign, which lets you create a personalized email for a larger list.

Good example of a great Email Marketing Campaign:

A very good example of a great email marketing campaign is what Samsung Electronics UAE is doing to promote its latest version Samsung Galaxy S10, where, when you exchange and upgrade your older version of galaxy phone, you get almost 88% discount on the new version. Then it goes on to say about the new features of S10 which you miss in your old phone and that S10 is a must have. So, here Samsung is creating an environment for its customers, saying “hey, we have a better phone for you, exchange and upgrade now with this sweetest and exclusive deal you will never get again, and you need the amazing S10 features which your existing phone lacks like multi-lens camera, wireless powershare, up to 1.5 TB memory, and you also get a complimentary power bank.” The deal is obviously very tempting, and customers are sure to take it. So Samsung is not only selling its newest phone, but is also getting its old phone back for another purpose. It’s a win-win for the customer and Samsung.

So, the bottom line is offer a product or service to your customer which is something better than what they have or create a need for them that they cannot resist. That is what a great email marketing campaign must possess.

Why your business needs email marketing?

With the growing competition, businesses are reaching out to prospective customers through various avenues of Digital Marketing, like Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, etc. For many businesses Email Marketing has taken a back seat, they do not want to invest in it. But what if we tell you that your email marketing strategy in 2019 must look at the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) 2018 email marketing statistics show that the $1 you spend on Email Marketing, your ROI (return on Investment) is $32, that is 30% increase in profits. Another research by Statista (2019) on email marketing shows that by 2022, email users will grow to 4.3 billion, which is a huge scope for any business.

Which is a smart Email Marketing Campaign?

Your business needs to look towards the future when planning an email marketing campaign, almost every business has a ‘good’ or ‘better’ plan, and your business needs a ‘smart’ email marketing campaign. Only a smart mass mailing service providers like Alpha Sandesh can provide you with an ultimate bulk email service that is affordable, scalable to your business size and flexible to your business requirements. Join the bandwagon of Smart Businesses and Register with Alpha Sandesh now, enjoy free demo of all Alpha Sandesh features and avail 2000 free emails.

About the Author
Cella James

Alpha Sandesh is the Best Bulk Email Service Provider. We are one of the leading email marketing companies across the world. AlphaSandesh incorporates all aspects of bulk email marketing and mass email service into a single & easy to use the platform. We focuses on creating attractive and engaging emails and send them to the segmented subscribers and observe the real-time interactions and reactions as Email marketing continues to be one of the best ' return on investment' for your business.

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