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It’s not a surprise that national academic systems today cannot be viewed separately from each other, but congruently. A great example of this activity is the common international intercultural project of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics with the University of the Basque Country. The ideologists of the project are Dr. Dimitrii Enygin from Plekhanov and Dr. Joseba Arregi from the UPV. They received the idea of the project last year after some severe misunderstandings with Russian-Spanish ultras in Bilbao, deciding to create some educational project giving birth to love between countries, not hatred. And it had a great success, the students of both universities had to shoot a small video, explaining some basic aspects of their culture, using the example of the place, they were born at.

This year, the project welcomes participants from all over the World and has the title “What do you want the World to know about your country?!”.

The projects must be submitted by the June, 14th to the e-mail:

The organizing team of the project (Plekhanov Russian University of Economics cohort) includes the Dean of the Faculty of Management (basic faculty for both years of the project), Dr. Maxim Ponomarev, the head of the Department of Foreign Languages # 1 Dr. Irina Ekareva, the Heads of the Foreign Language Programme at the Faculty of Management Dr. Venera Midova and Dr. Olga Danko, Associated Professor and project coordinator Dr. Dmitrii Enygin.


Company Name: University of the Basque Country

Contact Name: Joseba Arregi | Project coordinator

Address: C/ Nieves Cano, 12, 01006 Vitoria-Gasteiz, Álava


Phone: +34 945 01 32 05


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