Why yoga is so good at calming us down?

Depression, stress, anxiety — these conditions afflict more of us than ever before. But, there is an easy way to get rid of those feelings: yoga.

Yoga which has been in existence for years-combines deep, controlled breathing, stretching, and mindfulness.

The main goal of yoga is to connect your mind and body and create a sense of harmony.

When you step out of a yoga class, you probably have experienced a feeling as if a giant weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Your body feels relaxed, you feel stronger, and the tranquility and mental clarity it fosters is just amazing.

So, everyone knows that yoga helps you feel calm, but have you ever wondered what creates this calming sensation?

Yoga helps you to relax and reduce stress:

The reason why Yoga makes you feel more calm and relaxed because is because of breathing techniques such as diaphragmatic breathing which is also called Ujjayi breathing. These breathing techniques reduce the sympathetic nervous system and increase the parasympathetic response, which causes a reduction in blood pressure and heart rate. Practising these can boost oxygen levels to brain, leaving you stress-free relaxed. This is how yoga helps you to feel happier and more content with everyday life. Eco-detox with yoga exercises is one of the best ways to reduce stress.

Recent research has shown that deep breathing and meditation can be extremely effective in reducing the fight and flight response to stress.

Furthermore, studies show that people who practice yoga have higher production of amino acid GABA which is vital for a well-functioning brain and helps to reduce stress and anxiety, and promote feelings of calmness.

Yoga improves your mood and regulates your sleep:

It's no secret that yoga is beneficial for reducing stress and enhancing your muscle strength. But it can also help you sleep better. According to a report by CNN, yoga can increase your body’s production of two hormones that are responsible to make you feel happy, healthy, and calm. Oxytocin, also known as the “Cuddle Hormone’’ helps to improve mood and your overall body health. Endorphins are also released while doing yoga which helps in managing physical pain and negative emotions.

Yoga can also regulate your sleep cycle by increasing your melatonin production. When all of these hormones come into play, yoga helps to create a feeling of inner peace, and calmness.

Yoga helps you to get toned and stay strong:

Yoga may appear to be all about stretching the body and holding long poses, but it has a profound effect on your body health. Yoga helps to build strength, muscle tone, and endurance. This consistent exercise enhances the overall health and flexibility of our bodies, making us less susceptible to muscle injuries and faster recovery. According to study done by University of Wisconsin's Human Performance Laboratory University, the participants who practised Hatha yoga for eight weeks, had an improvement in muscle strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance.

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