Hong Kong two men falsified Macau casino chips to commit cash and were arrested

According to Hong Kong's "New Newspaper" report, two Hong Kong men were paid 3,000 yuan, employed by a fake chip criminal group. Last Saturday (5th) and other other parties, with 200 바카라사이트counterfeit chips, went to the casino in Macau to commit crimes. Cashing, but the first sunrise teacher has failed. The police received a report from the casino and arrested the two. They found 55 pieces of counterfeit casino chips worth 10,000 Hong Kong dollars. Do not rule out other counterfeit chips in other casinos. Bulk goods, the police are tracking down the fugitives including the main brain (mastermind).
After investigating the case, the police found that the suspect cooperated with the criminal group through the intermediary and went to Macao and then brought a batch of counterfeit chips back to Macao in the Mainland. Then he committed a crime at a casino in Cotai, and his bulk cargo approach was The code room is based on code. It is reported that because the 카지노사이트counterfeit chips are difficult to distinguish between true and false, it is necessary to identify the casino code room.
The fake chip criminal group arranged at least 11 members from the Mainland and Hong Kong on Saturday to bring counterfeit chips to Macau for crimes. Therefore, it is not excluded that other other parties bring counterfeit chips to another casino, because each is a denomination. HK$10,000 worth of counterfeit casino chips, so it is easier to fish in troubled waters.
The police are now tracing the whereabouts of the remaining fake chip criminal group members.
The police said that on the afternoon of Saturday 바카라추천afternoon, he received a report from a casino in Cotai City. He found that two fake chips were found in the casino code house and intercepted two Hong Kong people involved in the case. A counterfeit chip has been searched for 55 pieces. The police believe that the two involved in the case have been successfully exchanged, or they have used 19 fake chips on the table.

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