Beauty decorating the warrior queens

Jewels have always been women's most favourite possessions. Every woman will have a trunk full of jewels which she doesn’t know exist. These jewels are the priceless possessions of women from all cultures and traditions from across the world. There are a few women of certain culture who have formed an entire culture of jewel such that the jewel collections have become an identity by themselves. This splendid work of culturizing Maharashtrian traditional jewellery is skilfully done by the Maharashtrian women.

There is a whole new set of diverse Maharashtrian traditional jewellery particularly characterising the Maharashtrian traditional jewellery collections. The Maharashtrian traditional jewellery not only has designs of their traditional jewels but have a unique style that identifies it.

The unique decorators that beautify coastal women:

When talking about Maharashtrian traditional jewellery the first details that come to everybody's mind is the style they have for each jewel beautifying each part of the body. Starting from above the first in the line of maharashtrian traditional jewellery is the Nath. The Nath is a nose jewel that is designed with pearls and precious stones adorned by the pearls. This Maharashtrian traditional jewellery is a very special ceremonial jewel worn by the women at weddings and other special occasions.

  • The next inline Maharashtrian traditional jewellery is the Mundavalya. As the name says the word Mundavalya means adorning the head. Rightly this Maharashtrian traditional jewellery is used as a compulsory jewel during Maharashtrian weddings. It runs around the forehead which is secured by tieing a knot at the back of the head. This Maharashtrian traditional jewellery is mainly made of pearls that run horizontally across the forehead
  • This list of unique Maharashtrian traditional jewellery goes on as we arrive at our next Maharashtrian traditional jewellery Vaaki. This is a strong armband worn above elbow comprising of gold band adorned by embellishments of precious stones. The commonly used stone in this Maharashtrian traditional jewellery is the ruby and the common designs are floral patterns.
  • When it comes to jewels there cannot be completeness without a hair embellishment. To complete this there is the Ambada Maharashtrian traditional jewellery. This jewellery adorns the hair bun of the Maharashtrian bride.
  • When it comes to Maharashtrian traditional jewellery the Kudyas are a must have jewels in their possessions. These are very pretty peal embellished earrings worn by the Marathi women.
  • The hands always love to have sparkles on them. And paying reverence to this statement there is Maharashtrian traditional jewellery which is called Tode which is a very special gold Marati bangle that is so precisely and intricately designed that it takes almost a month to make.

 The completeness of Maharashtrian traditional jewellery:

As far as the Maharashtrian traditional jewellery is concerned all the above jewels are adornments. But for women, there is no greater adornment than the traditional mangal sutra that marks the beginning of their new life with their partners. This very special Maharashtrian traditional jewellery is made up of black beads and gold beads that are wound together. This makes up the sacred thread of the Maharashtrian traditional jewellery.


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