Things to remember while making modular kitchen

While designing a house, there are three main components you have to carefully plan and furnish - your bedroom, your bathroom, and your kitchen. The most tricky of the batch happens to be your kitchen since it doesn't have any fixed formula for its construction.

Although the introduction of modular kitchen has given you better flexibility and room, somewhere, it makes things more complicated and forces you to focus and think on some key points. Application of these simple thoughts and making them an active part of your planning and arrangement of a new kitchen.


1. Checking the prior damage


The most important step you need to be aware of is to check for damage and leaks in the kitchen wall and floor. This might seem a minor detail, even more so when you think about the renovation and making your kitchen better and modern. However, when people forget to think about this step, tragedies happen. 

Existing leaks and breakage, if not fixed prior to making the modular kitchen can lead to damage in kitchen components like furniture fittings hardware often spoiling the whole arrangement. You should fix all the leaks, wall damages, and take note of cracks before beginning your remodeling.

2. Location of the kitchen

While this is not something most of us have to worry about since our plan provides adequate space for a modular kitchen, however, if you are renovating an old kitchen, you will need to pay a keen eye to this topic. The kitchen should have a direct contact with either lobby or guest room to provide adequate service, but should also be angled in such a way as to hide from the public eye. 

So, aside which is facing the sofa or is angled in a hiding spot is the best place to locate your modular kitchen.

3. Design for comfort, not for show

The basic necessity of any room in your house is decided by its function and not by how beautiful it looks. Similarly, while designing and installing your modular kitchen, focus on the practical aspect more than how it will look. White might make a great color scheme, but it will get dirty a little too fast for your liking. Similarly, you might want to sink near the window despite it looking a little shabby to the eyes. Learn to settle and compromise before you make a decision. There is always a better chance of improvement.

4. Get some advice

While you might think of yourself an expert on all kinds of mannerism of renovation, the real picture is much different than your liking. If you simply read it somewhere and try duplicating it in your kitchen, you will never be able to build your kitchen to your satisfaction. It would always be better to seek expert advice or hire an architect. If nothing else, talk to someone who has already renovated their kitchen. It will give you an idea and estimate what you can and cannot try in your kitchen.

5. Be brave, but not too brave.

Being daring and trying new things out for your modular kitchen is a good strategy which will often reward you with new and innovative ways to set up your kitchen. However, you need to stop when things begin getting out of hand. Don’t try and overdo it all at once. Be brave, but not too courageous that it becomes weird and unusable.

The best way to achieve it would be it stick to your idea and not be too greedy to have too much in your kitchen. Go for necessities first, then luxuries if you can finish it just, best. If not, limit yourself when you begin exceeding the budget.

The final advice for your upcoming modules kitchen is to keep in mind is to prepare a budget and fix yourself to it. Don’t allow yourself to cross a line. Since there is no end to luxuries, you will need to stop somewhere before you run yourself dry. Remember, safety first, function second, and aesthetics third.

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