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29 August 2019 - Grand Canyon Tours is the best way to travel in this wild region. For those who are dreaming about having an outstanding experience in Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon Tours company is the best way to get it.


The Grand Canyon National Park is one of North America’s most beautiful natural parks, located just two hours by car from the city of Las Vegas. For this reason, a one-day excursion to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas is the most popular excursion among guests of this city. In the event that you are in Las Vegas and have already managed to get acquainted with all the sights of Las Vegas - an excursion to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas in Russian will be the right decision. You will find the amazing beauty of one of the oldest natural parks on our planet, created by nature itself!


The incredible beauty of the Grand Canyon and its surrounding places is known far beyond the borders of North America - every year this national park of the USA is visited by millions of tourists both from the countries of the American continent and from other parts of the planet. Of the nine species of fish that inhabit the Colorado River, running along the bottom of the Canyon, six are not found anywhere else in the world. Your Excursion to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas will pass through the most beautiful places in the Western Part of the Grand Canyon! The western part of the canyon is located much closer to Las Vegas than its eastern tip, due to which, we will save time traveling by car and have time to see more natural beauties. The landscapes of these places are simply breath-taking, from the realization that everything that we see began to form on planet Earth more than 70 million years ago, when the Colorado natural plateau was pushed several kilometres up and a huge cleft began to fill with the waters of local rivers.


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Grand Canyon Tours is a US based company which offers amazing tours in Las Vegas. Do not hesitate to check out their offers and good prices. You will never regret to have chosen Grand Canyon Tours.



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