Fertility Medication Administration Instructions

The instructions set forth herein are solely for the benefit of Fertility Centers of Illinois (FCI) patients who have had an appointment at Fertility Centers of Illinois and met with a physician and/or nurse regarding an individual and specific course of medical treatment. All other persons are cautioned that they should not follow or use these instructions in the absence of having an individual course of medical treatment prescribed by a Fertility Centers of Illinois Physician.The following information is ONLY for Fertility Centers of Illinois patients, describing how to mix and administer the many injectable drugs used for fertility therapy. The information contained on this page contains information that is both generated from our FCI nursing staff and from the different companies that make the drugs themselves.Ganirelix Acetate powder
When you receive your shipment of medications, the first thing you should do is review its contents. Verify that you received all of the medications you may require, and call your nurse with any questions prior to the start of your treatment cycle. Please follow the recommended manufacturer storage instructions that come with each medication.
You may call your pharmacy directly for refills, but please do not wait until you are completely out to do so. Please be aware of how much medication you have at all times and alert your nurse if you are running low to inquire if more is needed. The pharmacy can typically order additional medication within 24-48 hours. There is no delivery on Sundays, so please plan accordingly.How to Administer Your MedicationsThe Freedom Pharmacy website may show more than one way of giving certain medications. Please use the medication chart (below) in conjunction with the website; the chart lists Fertility Centers of Illinois’ requirements for the route, preparation, and administration of each medication.Injection techniques are clearly demonstrated on the Freedom Fertility Pharmacy MedTEACH Medication Instruction website. Please view the video for each medication that your nurse has ordered for you.

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