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Oxandrolone is a type of steroid that is favored by bodybuilders to improve performance. Under its mild appearance, Anavar's anabolic capacity is 3 to 6 times that of testosterone. Anavar's anabolic rate is 322-630, while testosterone Testosterone, although a powerful anabolic hormone, has only 100. This suggests that Oxandrolone's ability to synthesize muscles is amazing, but the fact that the rate of anabolism does not tell everything.Anavar powder

1. Anavar increases the amount of red blood cells in the blood, which increases endurance.
2. It is the only steroid that can actually burn fat. Most steroids break down fat by increasing the body's metabolic rate, while oxysterrol has a direct function of causing fat breakdown. very
3. It can bind tightly to androgen receptors, reduce thyroid-binding globulin, and increase thyroxine-binding pre-albumin. These abilities can make the use of triiodothyronine hormone and T3 hormone in the human body better.
1. Myogenic steroid CYCLE
Since Oxandrolone is not aromaticated, the muscles added to it are fat-free. At the same time it will not cause water storage. However, in the muscle-mixing cycle of steroids, oxyroxamine is not a major force in muscle building, but should be used in conjunction with testosterone injections.

2. Improvement of physical function
It can bring about an increase in strength, even if it is not as obvious as Dianabol or fluorotestosterone Halotestin, it is still very effective. Another reason why Oxygen Dragon is highly respected by athletes is that it does not cause excessive volume in the muscles.

3. Fatty-reduced steroids CYCLE:
Due to its strong anabolic capacity, anavar is the best steroid used to preserve muscle during the fat-reducing phase, which increases muscle firmness.

4. Improvement in athletic performance
All users will find their recovery speed and muscle endurance improved

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