Cristiano Ronaldo In 'Leaked' FIFA 20 Rankings

Cristiano Ronaldo In 'Leaked' FIFA 20 Rankings


Only a very brave/stupid football fan would stick their neck and claim that Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo aren't the two best players in the modern game.

For years now, they have shone above the rest, earning a record five Ballon d'Or awards each.

Naturally then, determining which of the two is the very best is the subject of intense debate. However, it seems the guys at EA Sports have stuck their neck out and said Messi is number one - for now at least.The pair were both given the same rating for the first time on FIFA 19, but according to 'leaked' Ultimate Team ratings, Ronaldo has slipped to 93 while Messi has retained his 94 rating in buy fifa 20 coins.

Both Messi and Ronaldo were trumped in the real world at the Champions League draw last week, where they were beaten to the UEFA Men's Player of the Year award by Virgil van Dijk.

The pair were both humble in defeat though, with the 34-year-old Portuguese even extending a dinner invitation to his Argentinian adversary.Back to the virtual world of football though, and perhaps a little surprisingly, Marc-Andre ter Stegen is reportedly the second highest rated Barca player on FIFA 20 with 90, while Luis Suarez, Antoine Griezmann and Sergio Busquets all have an 89 rating.

Barcelona's arch-rivals, Real Madrid, have also had their Ultimate Team ratings 'leaked', with marquee summer signing Eden Hazard becoming the highest-rated player for Los Blancos with a 91 rating.

The UEFA Men's Player of the Year, van Dijk, has apparently been upgraded to 90, while teammate Mohamed Salah also has a 90 rating. Want to buy FIFA Coins from

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