'NBA 2K20' Gameplay : How New Features Will Affect Every Mode

'NBA 2K20' Gameplay : How New Features Will Affect Every Mode

On Monday, nba 2k20 MT cheap released its most important pre-release NBA 2K20 blog. It's the one that focuses on gameplay. As much as I love new features in a game, none of it really matters if the core game isn't fun to play, and realistic. I haven't had one second on the sticks yet with NBA 2K20, though that will change some time this month, but based on what I've read and heard from people who would know, I'm optimistic.

Let's break down the new additions and examine how it will impact gameplay in every mode.Foot planting is a really big deal in sports video games, and it is especially important in a basketball title. This is such a difficult thing to tweak as it's easy to make players too sticky, and not fluid enough to allow the game to flow freely.

2K has almost always had great flow, but sometimes players have been a little too free with not enough respect to momentum, other players, and of course, the pauses required if the game is going to accurately represent foot planting.The series introduced a new motion system in 2K18, and if I'm being honest, I didn't like it. There were a lot of bugs that caused too much clipping and some otherwise unrealistic occurrences. NBA 2K19 was better in this regard, as the holes were fewer-especially in the 1-v-1 or offline modes. Because of this, I'm more optimistic about 2K20 and after reading the blog, I'm even more encouraged this year's game may have the best movement of any game on this generation of consoles.

2K has deployed an entire motion team to master their new technology. This year's system features momentum modeling and motion styles. Bigs are supposed to feel different than quick, more explosive players. I've heard that there is a serious difference between the De'Aaron Foxes of the world, and say someone like Chris Paul, who is quick, but not blazing fast like the Sacramento Kings' up-and-coming star.

This change, if it is as advertised, could be the single most important new feature in the game. My biggest complaint about the gameplay in NBA 2K19 was its speed thresholds. Smaller, quicker players never seemed to have an advantage. Bigs could check smalls far too easily, and thus it allowed you to pervert the concept of position-less basketball. This was especially the case in modes like MyTeam where fantasy cards could sometimes push the gameplay to an undesirably unrealistic level.Buy Now

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