The Strongest Oral Steroids Methasterone (Superdrol) Prohormone

The Strongest Oral Steroids Methasterone (Superdrol) Prohormone


In simple terms, Methasterone, also known as methyldrostanolone, mostly sold under the brand name Superdrol powder, is one of the strongest oral synthetic and orally-active anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS). This oral steroid is popular with athletes, bodybuilders, and those looking to build lean muscle mass. If you're getting wind of this drug just now, here's our detailed Methasterone review that will tell you everything you need to know about it.
The history of Methasterone powder dates back to 1956, when it was discovered during a research that was carried out by the reputable drug manufacturing company, Syntex Corporation. The aim of the research was to find a compound with anti-tumor properties that could help battle cancer. It was during their search for an anti-cancer compound that the researchers stumbled upon Methasterone(Superdrol).
While Methasterone(superdrol) didn't exhibit many anti-tumor properties, it turned out that that the compound possessed other positive properties. In subsequent tests, it was discovered that Methasterone(superderol) possessed the oral bioavailability of methyltestosterone, while being 20 percent as androgenic and 400% as anabolic, yielding an anabolic to androgenic ratio (also referred to as a Q-ratio) of 20.
Although Methasterone(superderol) was discovered back in the 1950s, it was never commercially available to the public as a prescription drug. It remained unheard of until 2005, when a new found interest in the compound disclosed that Methasterone(superderol) was more anabolic than androgenic. This piece of news was exactly what the bodybuilding society needed as it meant that the drug's bodybuilding qualities far exceeded the amount that it could affect the body's hormones.

What Products Contain Methasterone powder?

Superdrol is the well-known supplement that contains Methasterone powder. The product hit the shelves of major supplement companies in 2005. Under the brand name Superdrol, it was marketed as a dietary supplement or prohormone and it enjoyed a massive success. In 2006, the product happened to catch the FDA's attention and it was discontinued.

Even though Superdrol was banned, black market and over-the-counter Methasterone continued to trickle into the market. In 2012, the drug was added to the U.S controlled substance list as well as to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) list. Moreover, Superdrol was classified as a Schedule III controlled substance like all other AAS.
Today, Methasterone, whose CAS Number is 3381-88-2, is still widely used in the bodybuilding scene and many consider it one of the strongest oral steroids available. You will still find it on the market as Methasterone, Superdrol, or Methyldrostanolone.

There is also a variation of Superdrol known as Dymethazine. While it has the same properties as Superdrol, Dymethazine is totally legal in the U.S. Other products that contain Methasterone powder include Superdron, SD Extreme, Beastrdol, Phreak, and Maxdrol.

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