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Tesamorelin Purity (HPLC) 99.3%
Tesamorelin CAS 218949-48-5
Tesamorelin Molecular Formula C211H366N72O67S1
Tesamorelin Molecular Weight 5135.89
Tesamorelin Appearance white powder
Standard USP
Certification SGS
Method of Analysis HPLC
Storage: Lyophilized peptides although stable at room temperature for 3 months, should be stored desiccated below -18° C. Upon reconstitution of the peptide it should be stored at 4° C between 2-21 days and for future use below -18° C.
Tesamorelin is a synthetic peptide consisting of all 44 amino acids of hGRF with the addition of a trans-3-Hexenoic acid group.

Tesamorelin (also known as Egrifta) is a synthetic form which is used in the treatment of HIV-associated lipodystrophy.

Tesamorelin has been shown to reduce lipodystrophy in HIV-infected individuals. Lipodystrophy is a condition that causes changes in placement of body fat, including wasting and fat accumulation, and changes in metabolism. 

which may be taken with GHRP-6 is clinical trials, that also promotes production and possible fat loss. Individuals with lipodystrophy may develop excess fat mo

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