This K-Beauty Aloe Vera Will Make You Say "Drugstore Aloe Vera?

This K-Beauty Aloe Vera Will Make You Say "Drugstore Aloe Vera?

One of the best products I've ever bought! I use this as a base before putting on moisturizer, after my toner and serum. My face is sensitive with oily/dry skin with few acne spots, and my cheeks are blemished and red from past acne scars. (Yeah, a real work.) After using this gel, I've noticed that my face isn't as oily as it usually would be during the day. If anything, the oil has cut down by half, and my face is still reasonably soft. The redness has gone down as well and I have gotten less acne. I use this on my chest and back acne, and those are disappeared as well. It works nicely on my armpit as well. I pluck the hair so I have 'scars' from that too, and the redness has reduced. I also have oily lids, and using this product around my eyes has shot the oiliness for that as well." nature republic aloe vera gel review

"Please take into consideration that when I use this on my face, I technically have to follow it up with a moisturizer because the skin on my face is just too dry. (It's hereditary.) But I like this because it gives me a little something more, so I don't have to apply as much moisturizer - which is nice, because moisturizer can be a little bulky. It's also good because I have sensitive skin and use it in place of lotion, as lotion can result in breakouts on different parts of my body. I'm really happy with it and it smells super amazing. I just can't bring myself to cut up my aloe vera plant, so this is a wonderful alternative. I've reordered it several times."

"This gel from a Korean company is just superb. Before it arrived I was using the pure gel from a plant in my garden. It worked fine but was a bit hard to keep on the skin as it tended to roll off. This commercial product works even better. It relieves itching almost immediately and can be kept cool in the refrigerator (not freezer) so I can wholeheartedly recommend it for itching, rashes etc." -Shankar Sundaram
I'm normally vigilant about reapplying sunscreen; I even went a whole week in Hawaii without a sunburn! But last week I was really excited to be on my dad's boat and forgot to apply sunscreen on my legs before we zipped around a lake for two hours. THIS IS FROM TWO HOURS IN THE SUN! Now I have a physical reminder of my forgetfulness and stupidity.

For the 3.5 days of my vacation post-sunburn, I layered on smelly Solarcaine (which stickily helped numb the pain) 'til it ran out and then gooey Banana Boat Aloe After Sun Gel for very little relief that turned into visible layers on my skin and that made me stick to bedsheets and anything else I came in contact with.

When I arrived back at my apartment I grabbed the tub of Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel out of my fridge and starting applying in 30-minute intervals for some AHHHH relief. The difference is astounding. I could never apply drugstore aloe this often. And I'm never wasting my money on that stuff again.

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