Wholesale Price Aniracetam Powder Pumping-up

Wholesale Price Aniracetam Powder Pumping-up Aniracetam works to improve the mental capability. It boosts memory retention and improves the learning of the human mind. It further progresses the mind's endurance, concentration, focus and insight.Nootropic Aniracetam guards the brain from the undesirable outcomes of less oxygen supply. It further enhances the psychological situation of patients with cerebrovascular ailments. It is also well known for pumping-up the cognitive aspect. Aniracetam motivates the receptors in the brain. It is a prescription drug in Europe and a supplement in the United States. Its mechanism of operation is however not fully known. Aniracetam Basic Info. Product name:Aniracetam CAS NO:72432-10-1 MF:C12H13NO3 MW:219.24 EINECS:1308068-626-2 Appearance:white or off-white crystalline powder Assay:99%min

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