Nootropic Powder J147 with Top Quality

Nootropic Powder J147 with Top Quality J 147 is a novel neurotrophic drug for cognitive enhancement and Alzheimer's disease. J147 is an exceptionally potent, orally active and broadly neuroprotective compound has the ability to enhance memory in normal animals as well as to prevent memory deficits in Alzheimer's disease (AD) transgenic mice. The neurotrophic and memory-enhancing activities of J147 are associated with an increase in brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) levels and the expression of BDNF responsive proteins, the enhancement of LTP, the preservation of synaptic protein, the reduction of amyloid plaques. 147 (CAD-031) is a Curcumin and Cyclohexyl-Bisphenol A (CBA) derivative that is a potent neurogenic and neuroprotective drug. It was developed for the use of treating neurodegenerative conditions associated with aging. Unlike the current drugs approved for Alzheimer's Disease, J147 is neither an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor nor a phosphodiesterase inhibitor, yet it enhances cognition with a short-term treatment. J147 can cross the BBB into the brain (strong) and induce neuronal stem cell production. Function: Enhance mental intelligence; Boost memory and leaning capabilities;Improve brain power to solve problems and protect it from any chemical or physical injury;Enhance motivation level;Enhance the control of cortical/subcortical brain mechanism;Improve sensory perception.

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