What to Do If My VPN Connection Keeps Dropping?

What to Do If My VPN Connection Keeps Dropping?
In some cases, VPN connections automatically drop when users unblock websites
 with VPNs. It is annoying that your VPN connection keeps dropping when you want to enjoy the service. Generally, you get disconnected from a VPN often due to network instability and interference. Here are some ways to fix this problem.
Use the latest version of the VPN app
Download the latest version of the VPN app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. New versions are often released to fix some problems and improve VPN services.
Turn battery optimization off
Battery optimization kills apps to prolong battery life. By default, it is turned on. So, it is often the case that your VPN gets closed by the system. You should turn off battery optimization off manually to keep your VPN running in the background. Otherwise, you will often get disconnected from the VPN.
Uninstall other VPNs
Other VPNs on your device have an impact on the connection even if you are not using them. Thus, you’d better uninstall all the other VPN clients and restart the VPN you want to use. This will improve your VPN connection.
Switch to another VPN protocol
VPN protocols such as PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN adopt different encryption methods. OpenVPN is good at reducing network interference. You can fix VPN connection drops by changing your VPN protocol to OpenVPN. Sometimes you need to wait for a few minutes or restart your device to reconnect to the VPN. If it doesn’t work, you can also try other VPN protocols.
Choose another server 
Most VPN service providers provide numerous VPN servers for you to choose from. The distance between you and the VPN server will affect your VPN connection. Generally, you can try connecting to a server that is closer to you to improve your VPN connection.
Your VPN connection may also be greatly affected if there are too many people using the same server. When your VPN connection slows down or drops frequently, you should think about choosing another server. According to your local network condition and physical location, you can select a server IP that solves your problem.
Restart the router and change your IP
If you are using a dynamic IP via an ADSL modem, you can get a new IP by restarting the ADSL Modem. Then, your VPN connection may stop dropping.
Choose a reputable VPN provider
Try to choose a reputable VPN provider as much as possible. RitaVPN is a good choice. Because it provides you with high-quality servers. That is to say, you are more stable while connecting its servers. Although there might be something wrong with the VPN connection, it will soon fix the problem for you.
Besides, it also disables Internet connection when you get disconnected from the VPN accidentally, which hides you from snoopers and hackers online. You can always trust a reputable VPN to unblock websites.
Restart your device
Although this approach seldom solves your problem, it is still a good idea if your problem is caused by system or network failure. It is also the easiest way to fix the most common issues. In addition, you can try to close some software that may affect the connection, such as firewall, P2P download and other software. 
Change the network
In some regions, your Internet service provider is more likely to interfere with your Internet connection. Of course, switch to another ISP is troublesome if you are using a VPN on your computer. But you can easily switch from the home WiFi network to the mobile network if you are connecting a VPN server on your phone. Changing the network will effectively prevent this ISP from interfering with your Internet connection.
Set up VPN auto redial
If none of the above solve your problem, setting up VPN auto redial is the last solution. To reduce the impact of VPN connection drops, you can adjust the settings to reconnect the VPN automatically. Some VPN apps support VPN auto redial so that you can enable VPN auto redial in the app directly. If your VPN doesn’t support it, you need to use the VPN auto redial provided by the system. You can not only turn on this feature but also set a time to reconnect your VPN. Qwer432

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