Best schools in Shanghai China considered

Best schools in Shanghai China considered If there is no ribbon, pending or otherwise, it means we are aware of the school but have elected not to review it at this time. This could be for a number of reasons, but we continually update information and add or remove reviews as deemed appropriate.Shanghai school Schools selected for full GSGI review are noted with next to their names. Pending means that we are planning to review that school. By full GSGI review, we mean the school write-ups that are completely selected, researched, visited and written by our own editors.

Our final write-ups take the good with the bad, warts and all, but we look for a preponderance of good before we drill down for in-depth details descend on the school for an exhaustive visit.BISS Puxi, owned by Nord Anglia offers an international version of the National Curriculum for England. On two campuses in the south-west of the city and non-selective (no English requirement) teaching pupils from 18 months to 18 years. Students study for IGCSEs at 16 and take the two year IB Diploma course from 16 - 18. School developed curriculum/American High School Diploma(College Preparatory)/AP; ages 3-18; co-ed; day; independent; private non-profit; 1,055 pupils Opened in 1998 with the support of the Hong Kong International School, with which it still has close relations.

All ages on one campus and offering a US education and college preparation to over 25 nationalities with American passport holders in a clear majority. In JInqiao, a favourite residential spot for expats in Shanghai.Located in the expat suburb of Jinqiao in Pudong. An international school catering to students from all over the world, Americans (often American born Chinese)and British being the largest groups . Offering an English education but substituting the IB Diploma for A-Levels. A delightful kindergarten section called ‘Ducks’ (with a long waiting list), housed in a separate building.

Fourth Harrow International School, opened in 2016 in the northern part of Pudong on a state-of-the-art brand-new campus with the welcome features of an air-filtration system and roof-top gardens. Licensed by Harrow School to an independent owner but incorporating the ethos of its UK parent. Pupils of 26 nationalities taught in English throughout. Previously the British International School of Shanghai Pudong, now owned (as is BISS Puxi) by the rapidly growing Nord Anglia group of 61 international schools. Follows the same academic programme as its counterparts in the UK, making a school switch simple for returning Brits.

As well as other schools in China, Nord Anglia also runs schools in the USA, Europe, Southeast Asia, India and the Middle East. Considered modern and forward-thinking and amongst the best schools in Asia following the American curriculum. SAT scores and AP results are well above national averages and leavers head to a spectacular range of universities and colleges. Over 40 nationalities; the majority US passport holders but Asian students dominate, particularly at the Puxi campus. Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

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