Understanding CPD Events in Education

As the first half term of the academic year draws to a close, many teachers are beginning to review their practice. Ongoing training can be a vital tool in improving teaching standards, which is why many teachers consider Continuing Professional Development (CPD).CPD (Continuing Professional development)

However, it shouldn’t just be teachers considering CPD. As well as traditional school education, further education and higher education are also key components of the industry, with the entire education sector responsible for teaching skills, values and knowledge to people of all ages. This makes attending accredited CPD events a vital form of training for professionals across the industry.

What are CPD Events?

At The CPD Certification Service, we’re often asked: “what are CPD events and how can they help me?” Well, CPD courses for teachers help those involved in education stay up-to-date with the latest trends, topics and information.

CPD events combine different methodologies, such as training workshops, conferences, events, e-learning programs, best practice techniques and idea sharing forums. Attending these CPD events can help you and your colleagues improve as education providers, continuing your professional development and improving your practice.
Helping learning become conscious and proactive, CPD courses for teachers create a structured, practical and methodological approach to learning, ensuring academic and practical qualifications do not become outdated or obsolete.

This is particularly important in education, where not only can the level of support provided be inefficient, but where standards can change continually. Fortunately, a new Standard for Teachers’ Professional Development was introduced by the Department of Education in 2016. This highlights what counts as CPD for teachers, outlining how it should be implemented within schools and organisations that provide teachers with professional development opportunities.

An Essential Business Education Resource

Accredited CPD events remain an invaluable educational resource for businesses and individuals alike. This is because they show that the training and learning activity undertaken have reached the required CPD qualities and benchmarks, ensuring integrity and quality.For individuals, attending accredited events helps show you how to become a more competent and effective professional. In addition, training and learning can increase confidence and capability, as well as complimenting any career aspirations, showing a commitment to self-development and professionalism.

For organisations such as schools, CPD provision produces a healthy learning culture, leading to a more fulfilled workforce and higher staff retention rates. By attending accredited CPD events, your staff members are learning from experts in their field, providing practical learning opportunities. Timescales can suit your employees, too. Some courses are only an hour long while others can take up to ten weeks (these are split into modules).

One example that shows the impact accredited events can have on attendees, the organisations they work for and the company delivering the training is Capita Conferences.

Successfully delivering topical and incisive events to the public sector for over 20 years (including the education sector), Capita Conferences have found that CPD events accreditation has made their conferences more valuable, with attendees remarking that coming to these conferences increases their ‘professionalism’. It also allows them to network with like-minded individuals, learning from shared experiences in the process.

As well as this, having the training accredited for CPD allows attendees to use the learning time towards individual CPD requirements, helping them to up-skill. Providing CPD to all delegates helps support individual CPD obligations at professional bodies, such as teachers at schools, improving their best practice and teaching standards. This shows us that CPD events accreditation helps not only the learning provider but the attendee and their employer, too.

Events in Education

There are a number of CPD events available throughout the calendar year, with many options to suit each role in the workplace. Whether you work for a school, academic institution, art gallery or museum, you are sure to find a relevant course and provider.
If you’re looking to improve your assertiveness at work, searching for anti-bullying training, or aiming for the effective delivery of Tacpac, you will find a course that meets your needs and requirements in our directory today.

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