Congratulations on the Macduffie School Tianjin for Inauguration !

In the morning of May 25th , the officers of municipal party committee , directors of education bureau, founder and CEO of Everpine Capital Jerry Lou, board director Peng Dong, vice president of China education society Zhang Zhimin, The MacDuffie School U.S.principle Steven Griffin, China education group CEO xin-gang sun, vice President, Zheng Meng, Vicki Saul, etc., attended the school in Tianjin

Principal Zhang Hong, on behalf of all the teachers, students and staff of The MacDuffie School, would like to extend warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all the ladies, gentlemen and friends who come to the dedication ceremony of our school.

The teaching buildings with pure north American style, the sports ground surrounded by green grass, the comfortable and clean student dining hall, the gymnasium with complete functions, and the individual student apartments all provide the most powerful support and guarantee for the substantial improvement of school education and teaching. Therefore, we know that strengthening the construction of the teaching team and improving the professional level of teachers will be the top priority.

The MacDuffie School will adhere to the school thought of moral education, infiltrate moral education, let students learn to be independent in daily study and life, learn to tolerate, learn to respect, learn to get along, and give full play to the influence of campus culture, to ensure that students develop good learning and living habits.

Looking forward to the future, The MacDuffie School Tianjin will firmly believe in the path of international education, adhere to the integration of Chinese and American cultures in our school, adhere to the quality of education first, adhere to the characteristics of international education, never forget the original intention!         

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