Two main influencing factors of ore crushing

Ore crushing is the crushing of ore by Stone Crusher such as jaw crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher and impact crusher, and the purpose of crushing is to make raw materials meet the requirements of various aspects such as particle size, shape and so on. Generally, the quality of an Complete Stone Crushing Plant is measured by crushing efficiency, production, and product granularity. So, what are the effects of these criteria? Today, we mainly introduce two main factors: one is the influence of ore properties, and the two is the influence of the operation process.

1, the influence of ore properties
1) the hardness of the ore. The harder the ore is, the greater the compressive strength, the more difficult it is to break, the broken property is poor, and the production capacity of the crusher is low. On the other hand, it is high.

2) the size of the ore feed. When the ore is large and large, the average granularity of ore is large and the workload needed is large, so its production capacity is low. On the contrary, its crushing capacity is large.

3) the content of adhesiveness in the ore. When the amount of mud or ore is large, these fine particles will cluster on the coarse ore, which will seriously reduce the rate of ore removal. Even when it is serious, even the crushing process cannot be carried out, even if the crushing process cannot be carried out. On the other hand, the rate of ore production is high.

2. The operational factors affecting the crusher will also affect the productivity of the crusher. The continuous and average ore feeding is the precondition of the normal work of the crusher. The use of closed-circuit crushing, feeding into a large number of cycle load, the particle size is relatively fine, and cycle load can be broken with the intermediate product is qualified, so work should be closed crusher ratio, high load coefficient under the condition of working in large crushing production capacity increased. Therefore, we must comply with the correct operation steps and continuously optimize the operation process, so that the crushing efficiency can be increased under the same conditions.

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