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Shanghai High School International Division Shanghai High School International Division is an international school in Shanghai, China, that was founded in 1993 as the international division of Shanghai High School. Its sole language of instruction is English, though all students are required to take Chinese classes,and the school offers grades 1 through 12.Because it is attached to a local school and is a division thereof, it is the first government-supported international school in Shanghai; It has yet to become a standalone international school.high school Shanghai As an international school in China, SHSID developed educational goals to reflect a traditional background as well as goals to meet the needs of today’s talented students.

The school is committed to educate students for the challenges of the future. SHSID provides progressive education in a multi-cultural environment, preparing students with global perspectives, and encouraging them to accept responsibilities and become competent in their studies.[citation needed] However, the school is widely criticized for the uneven distribution of resources among students. In the system, low- achieving students usually face multiple disadvantages, such as limited class choices, controlled teaching materials, and lack of opportunities for advancement. The statement that 'encouraging them to accept responsibilities and become component in their studies' is usually regarded as an advertisement for the school enrollment. Students take admittance exams prior to entering the school. The admittance exams and future move-up exams determine the level of the courses taken by all students. However, the chance of moving up could be safely ignored and strongly discouraged because the school's policy wants to protect academically strong students.

Levels include standard (S), standard plus (S+), honors (H) and honors plus (H+). Courses are also taken in preparation for the IB and AP programs which begin in the junior year and are modeled after the education system in the United States (even though most US schools offer AP programs starting from 9th grade).[9] Typical courses taken by students include Math, Chinese, English, Physics, Chemistry, History, Economics, Music, and Art. Biology and Geography are notable exceptions to the curriculum, and are available during the later years through choice. Both curricula follow a semester system.

The grading system is controlled directly by the principal, whose main intention is to display the talents and academic performance of IB students (one out of five SHSID students are enrolled in IB program) to the U.S. Universities. Usually, only IB students benefit from the curricula. SHSID offers a variety of IB classes, including English (A1 and B), Chinese (A1 & B), Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, History, Visual Arts, Music, and Psychology (SL only). Students can take the classes for 11th and 12th grade in preparation for the IB examinations in the May of their senior year. However, only top 20% of students could take IB classes, and this creates an 'IB predominated' atmosphere in school, in which IB students, though isolated, could benefit. The IB coordinator is 蒋皓 (Erin Jiang), who is also the IB Chemistry instructor. SHSID is also a test center for the IB examinations and boasts an average IB score of 42.5, produced by only 30 IB students out of the approximate 250 class size (2015).

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