How to Explain the Popularity of British International Schools in China

British Education is extremly Popular in China , and specially in Shanghai, the most international city of the country.british school in china

In England, you can find more and more Chinese students that invest in Pretigious British universities and other educations Businesses. In China, for your carreer, have a UK experience is really a great plus for your curriculum .
Many Education firm offers to Rich Chinese access to British schools such as Eton and Harrow debut after a boom in sales on the Chinese Education Market.BE Education, founded by Old Etonian William Vanbergen, has a huge demand from Chinese Super rich People wanting to send their kids to "Famous" UK education institution. BE recently get $70 million of investment ( including wealthy Chinese business Angels )Wellington College is also a other famous education Story. The prestigious College attract year after year the Elite of Chinese Society. The School is a mix of Chinese young Kids and Expats family that want the best for their kids and able to pay tuition fees up to 300 000rmb per year. The Chinese Society is becoming more rich and willing to pay High to get the best Curiculum for their Kids.
Rising numbers of Chinese students are expected to come to Wellington, that is planning to open 6 Schools in the next decade in China.

Recently the nomitation at the Hurun report at the top 10 schools in China confort the Education institution to invest in different center everywhere in China. in Wellington, the British Style education is the Standard for Kids. During this trip, Prime Minister emphasized the importance of British education cooperation between UK and China in all places .
The two country will commit themselves to the R1D in the field of School and will help the growth and development of student in the 2 countries.
British private schools are journeying to Asia for their next growth potential as more and more western parents and wealthy Chinese kids look to the symbols of "privilege and prestige" for their family . 
The Chinese have a obsession with famous Western brands, whether it is Burberry or LV or Harvard & Oxford among universities.

Most of Schools in the world invest a lot to get Chinese Students who are able to pay more to enter to a Western univeristies. See other articles on this Topic The american Markt as well as theBritish and Australia are the most popular target for China Oversea's students. United Kingdom is seeing nice growth in this area with its recognized institution

Students from China enrolled at Top universities , if not they will choose Business private schools Last year, 59 000 Chinese Student started their studies in the UK copare to 57,190 for the totality of Europe. 

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