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Generally speaking, light and warm color will be chosen as the main color ina Montessori classroom. Because these colors make people feel calm and peaceful and we need to provide children such an environment. Next, to use enough big windows is to ensure the brightness of the classroom. The outdoor environment influences human beings mentally. It is our duty to create a warm, peaceful and happy environment for children to enjoy their time.international school in Tianjin To speak of texture and decorations, we choose safe, natural and environmental materials and we put art works for childrento cultivate the sense of Aesthetics, children may raise small animals such asfish and turtle, take care of plants and flowers, and observe different kindsof insect specimens and animal skeletons, etc.

We create an environment filled with knowledge. Because children possess the absorbent mind, they absorb allthings from his environment effortlessly, which is their most way of learning during this age group. Our classroom furniture and materials are organized in the classroom orderly and reasonably. Except tables andchairs, we leave and divide the space of floor properly enough for children towork. At the same time, 5 areas are arranged reasonably as well. They arepractical life area, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics and Culture. In each area, there are purposeful activities meeting needs of children, which arecalled as “work” in Montessori education.

Dr. Maria Montessori said, “The childcan only develop by means of experience in his environment. We call such experience work.” A prepared Montessori environmentis not only indoor environments, but also outdoor environments. On one hand,some safe and functional sports equipment should be put there for children tomove a lot and have fun. On the other hand, outdoor Environments offer children opportunities to engage with natural worlds and to let children experience the beauty and kindness of nature.

In a Montessori classroom, teachers are called as “directress” or “director”. A Montessori director is the“dynamic link” in the classroom to combine children with the environment well. A Montessori directress is also a model among children. Directresses/Directorsguide, help and inspire children to accomplish his self-development. Montessori education is child-centered. Montessori environment is a place where can meet the needs of children and foster theirlove of learning. It is a small community, except home, for them to live and tolearn. They can become themselves in a prepared Montessori environment.

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