A Guide to DDoS Protection

A Guide to DDoS Protection The online gaming industry is often targeted by many complex and changeable high-traffic attacks, such as DDoS attacks. With so many types of DDoS attacks and increasingly new methods of performing a DDoS attack, the gaming experience has been greatly affected.fast VPN What is a DDoS attack? DDoS attack is the abbreviation for Distributed Denial of Service attack. What is a denial of service attack? All attacks that deny authorized users’ access to network services are DoS attacks. In other words, a DoS attack is designed to prevent authorized users from accessing normal network resources. To put it simply, many people pretend to be normal customers to visit a store while real buyers can not get in there. They use various methods to prevent the shop from serving real customers. Then, the store will suffer great losses. In addition, many people are needed to achieve this goal.
The difference between DDoS and DoS Although DDoS attacks and DoS attacks are similar, they differ considerably in some aspects. DDoS attacks use the botnet to send packets that appear legitimate to the destination. This leads to an overload of the network and exhaustion of server resources. In consequence, the target is overwhelmed with numerous fake packets. Once a DDoS attack has been performed, legitimate users will lose access to the server. Therefore, a distributed denial-of-service attack is also called a “flood attack”. Common types of DDoS attacks include SYN Flood, UDP Flood, ICMP Flood, HTTP Flood, etc.
On the other hand, DoS attacks keep the site from running normally, crash the system and host, causing the host to stop serving users. It exploits certain vulnerabilities on the host. Teardrop Attack, Shrew Attack, Slow Read Attack, Nuke, Banana Attack, and Peer-to-Peer Attack are common types of DoS attacks.Compared to a DoS attack, a DDoS attack is more difficult to avoid.
 DDoS attacks are distributed so that you can barely prevent them completely. How do I perform a DDoS attack? DDoS attacks use a large number of fake requests to exhaust network resources and cause network paralysis. Application.Unlike other attacks, application-level floods focus on the application layer, which is higher than OSI.It is also designed to occupy a large number of system resources by sending unlimited resource requests to Internet services, such as IIS, to affect normal network services. IP spoofing In IP spoofing, the hacker sends a spoofed packet to the server. That is to say, the source IP address included in the packet is changed to an invalid or non-existent address.
 Therefore, when the server responds to this request packet, the source IP never receives the packet returned by the server. This may waste resources from the server. ICMP Flood ICMP Flood is supposed to occupy the system resources by sending broadcast information to the badly set router. How do I prevent DDoS attacks while gaming? It is increasingly difficult to prevent DDoS attacks because they are distributed denial of service attacks. A DDoS attack can target multiple system resources in multiple locations, completely overloading the target system.
 It is impossible to rely on just one system or product to prevent DDoS attacks. Since both DDoS attacks and defenses cost money, if you take action to prevent DDoS attacks, the attacker must spend more on DDoS attacks. Thus, you can reduce DDoS attacks from the Internet. VPNs not only allow you to play games that are not available in your home country but also protect you from DDoS attacks. An attack usually exploits your IP address to perform a DDoS attack while you are playing games. If you use a VPN, they can only see the IP address of the VPN server is displayed, but not your IP address. In addition, a VPN is more useful than you expected. You can unblock websites and surf the internet anonymously with a VPN.
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