Tianjin International School: Providing a Well-rounded Education in a Nurturing Environment.

Tianjin International School: Providing a Well-rounded Education in a Nurturing Environment.


Located in the Hexi District of Tianjin, China Tianjin International School (TIS) is a private school, founded in 1986. The school offers education from the age of three through to high school graduation. TIS is the founding member of the International Schools of China (ISC) with sister schools in Chengdu, Qingdao, Yantai, Wuhan, and Wuxi.international school in Tianjin

TIS have been accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) since 1992. Registered with the Tianjin Education Bureau and is also accredited in China through the National Center for School Curriculum and Textbook Development (NCCT). These two accrediting bodies attest to the high standard that the school have achieved and continue to maintain. The school is also members of EARCOS, ACAMIS and ISAC. These memberships provide them with interschool competition in sports, music, art and science.

Inception Story

Over 30 years ago, a small group of Americans decided to begin a school for their children. Shortly thereafter, they were asked if the children of expatriate businessmen could join, and so began Tianjin International School, the 2nd oldest international school in China. Throughout thirty rich years of history, TIS has grown to be a pillar of excellence in international education in Tianjin. The American and Advanced Placement (AP) curriculum has an international flavor making it an attractive option for both westerners and Asians alike. From three-year old to twelfth graders, the school aligns its education to their values of Truth, Integrity, Service, and Excellence. In each division of the school, strong academics, excellent music program, and various extracurricular activities provide the balance that is needed to grow well-rounded students. The school has a beautiful and modern facility, but the thing that leaves the strongest impression on families is their warm and friendly staff. Highly qualified and trained staff consistently seeks to make meaningful connections with students and their families, showing them the care and love that is needed for children to grow and mature into healthy, productive contributors in society.

Torchbearer of the School

Dr. Scott Finnamore is the Head of School at Tianjin International School. He has been instrumental to the success of TIS by building outstanding relationships with the Chinese Government and successfully leading the transition to the current campus. I have lived in China for almost 17 years, and I have seen many changes in our city of Tianjin. But one thing I have been so grateful for is TIS which year after year is a constant in the expat life where things always seem to be in motion. The community I have found at TIS gives busy expats a place to call home. We'd love for you to join TIS to be a part of that community.-says Dr. Scott Finnamore

Life of Students

Tianjin International School's purpose-built campus is designed to meet the learning needs of international students in the 21st century. The campus boasts 75 modern classrooms, 5 fully-equipped science laboratories, 2 libraries, a full performing arts center, state-of-the-art auditorium, full size indoor double court gymnasium, and tennis courts, separate playgrounds for the kindergarten and elementary students, outdoor classroom for Early Childhood and more.

Students at Tianjin International School are involved with many activities on campus. A variety of activities are offered for the purposes of building relationships, developing new skills, being part of a team, and having fun! Activities include art, band, Model United Nations, Journalism, community service projects, yearbook, drama, student council, competitive sports and much more.

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