High School in Shanghai

High School in Shanghai 

Spend time during high school in Shanghai, learning Mandarin and maximising your chances of success in whatever you do once you graduate from high school. Studying abroad is the most effective way to learn a language, and going to high school in Shanghai will help you get to grips with speaking Mandarin, both academically and as part of your everyday life. Live and study with other international students in Shanghai; you'll receive top quality Mandarin language tuition, along with plenty of other fun activities scheduled in to help you make the most of your time abroad.high school Shanghai 

Learn Mandarin Abroad 

Mandarin Chinese is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, and if you're thinking ahead to your future employment prospects, it's an extremely useful language to learn. Spend part of your education at high school in Shanghai, and enrol on a course to learn Mandarin. Come for a short course or holiday camp for high school students, or even spend a whole year of high school in Shanghai so you're a confident Mandarin speaker by the time you leave! Get noticed for the right reasons when you study in the hustle and bustle of Shanghai, China's largest city, and immerse yourself in Chinese culture and traditions.

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