San Antonio native living in Shanghai describes quarantine measures being taken in China

We’re now getting a clearer picture of what kind of conditions these evacuees are leaving behind in China.A Texas man who has been living in China for the past 10 months says quarantine conditions have expanded across most of the country.To get more news about quarantine shanghai airport, you can visit shine news official website.

“We had heard just like a rumor basically,” said Billy Stockton, who is living in Shanghai. “It escalated quickly. »He’s now working on his master’s degree in international economics at Johns Hopkins.

‘The 21st [of January] we started noticing there was a little more concern,” said Stockton.Stockton moved to China in April of last year and now lives in Shanghai while continuing his studies.

« Two days later we started seeing places shut down in the city, » said Stockton.The outbreak of the coronavirus in Wuhan, China has slowed everything down.

According to Google Maps. Wuhan is about a nine-hour drive from Shanghai. That’s like driving from San Antonio to New Orleans. »I have friends that are from here and they’ve grown up here and they’ve never seen it as quiet as it was, » said Stockton.

Stockton says the country’s largest city, home to more than 24 million people, has become a virtual ghost town. »You don’t go outdoors unless you have to,” said Stockton. “It was kind of scary and ominous. »

Stockton says cabin fever is starting to set in a little, but the return of normal routines is slowly coming back. »We’re all actually on the edge of our seats and just I wouldn’t say scared as much as we’re just a little nervous,” said Stockton.

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