2020 Air Jordan 1 Low SB is Available Now

Air Jordan 1 Low SB appeared to be exposed. Observe this pair of shoes, the main body of the shoes is khaki, but the left and right pairs of shoes are decorated with black and North Carolina blue, and the insoles and other details are also different. At first my brother wondered why it was designed like this, but then I realized that this is to correspond to the material after tearing. Yes, this pair of AJs can be torn and played. After tearing, it is quite personal. The first show in the whole network is not developed without original shoes The original built-in air cushion magic block A model outsole, the inner layer is the first layer of calf leather tongue AJ original Oxford cloth + AJ special anti-mouth pearl cloth + original impurity-free high-elastic inner Caspian sponge + special edge-elastic laces Please look for your version.

Nike Air Force 1 Low GS Cherry rest ‬ idle board shoes ,Nike Air Force One cherry white red blue summer sweetest color, ,The color is based on the peach cherry ‬ theme, creating a belt ‬ rich The new shoes in candy-toned style are all modelled on white full ‬ low cuts, decorated with gorgeous cherry picture points ‬, and decorated with blue and white ‬ plaid to decorate other parts.

Nike Joyride Run FK Multiple spatial displacement true TPE popcorn particle running shoes Nike Joyride is characterized by the placement of TPE particles in the midsole, and the location of each particle has been carefully studied. TPE particles will be separated into different areas in each part of the sole, and different amounts of TPE particles will be placed in different parts of the sole. These TPE particles can freely move in all directions when they touch the ground. Nike calls it "multiple spatial displacement (multi -dimensional displacement) "

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