Lottery Unlocks Global Lotteries Through Cryptocurrency Payments

Following the recent partnership Bravio Technologies Limited, It lets users play the most popular global lotteries from any location. Tickets can be purchased using either bitcoin cash (BCH) or bitcoin core (BTC) as payment methods.Get more news about 彩票API,you can vist

Traditional lottery platforms limited users in many ways. Tickets could only be bought within the country users were located and, in addition, users were further restricted by having to pay for those tickets with the country’s local currency. To enter and claim winnings on the U.S. Power Ball, for instance, a user had to be located in the United States and could only buy a ticket with U.S. dollars.

The launch of Lottery changes that. For the first time ever, users can enter global lotteries from any country. The platform acts as a booking engine, locally purchasing tickets through official lottery agents on users’ behalf. Furthermore, Lottery platform is also the first to let users buy lottery tickets with cryptocurrency.“Over recent years we’ve seen a shift in the way lottery tickets are sold, with increasing numbers of people buying them online. However, the limitations of location have remained. You still have to be based in a country to play a lottery there,” “We’ve solved that problem by building a seamless global lottery platform. No matter where you’re based, you can log in and play the world’s leading lotteries.”

Powered by blockchain technology, the platform supports BCH and BTC payments for over ten global lotteries. All users need to purchase tickets through the platform is a suitable wallet app. After selecting a lottery and numbers, the user proceeds to pay using their wallet app.

Once the payment is made, a select team of local distributors working with the platform will then purchase the tickets, and a scanned copy will appear in the user’s account shortly after. with an in-house customer support team available to help at any time.

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