WikiFX Magazine Comes to Hong Kong for the First Time!

After more than a year‘s busy preparation, WikiFX Magazine will be 
released in Hong Kong for the first time! On this special occasion, we’d 
like to give our sincerest thanks to our clients and business partners 
for your supports. We hope that the English WikiFX Magazine can become a 
forex information portal through which investors can have better 
perspective of the complicated forex market, while we continue to make 
more efforts for the improvement of forex trading environment and the 
development of the industry.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit WikiFX news official website.

  As a bond that links investors to the forex market, WikiFX Magazine 
comprehensively features business information, forex updates and 
business-related articles and offers investors valuable contents through 
in-depth investment commentaries, analysis of popular forex topics and 
outlooks of forex industry. “What is forex?” “How to profit through 
forex trading?” “How to become a successful investor?”...Such may be the 
recurring topic among investors. Beginners aspire to trade like those 
more skillful in trading, while the veteran investors may aspire to 
further polish their trading systems. But whichever level youre at, you 
can find something that suits you in WikiFX Magazine.

The most eye-catching exclusive reports that allow you to grasp the latest forex dynamics

  The most predictive interpretations from experts that help you grasp the market trend

  The most comprehensive research reports that reveal potential investment opportunities

With that being said, not all seemingly lucrative investment 
opportunities are worth considering. As forex becomes an increasingly 
popular type of investment, major regulators around the globe are 
tightening their measures and improving regulatory systems, but many 
regulatory measures are yet to be implemented. On todays forex market, 
countless brokers claim to offer products and services “specially 
tailored for customers”, and investors have their profits guaranteed 
once they make deposit. Appealing as these promises may sound, most such 
products and services are a waste of time at best, and a downright scam 
at worse. Therefore, choosing a reliable broker is paramount in forex 

WikiFX Magazine hit the shelve in Hong Kong

  Given the importance of this matter, WikiFX Magazine also includes 
broker-related contents including WikiFX On-the-spot Investigation, 
WikiFX Illegal Broker Exposure and WikiFX Monthly Broker Rankings. 
On-the-spot Investigation records in detail how WikiFX team checks the 
business and regulatory status of brokers through on-the-spot visits to 
their offices worldwide, while WikiFX exposure reveals the “true colors” 
of illegal brokers beneath their fake advertisements.

  In addition, WikiFX‘s 4 monthly rankings of the top ad-spending 
brokers, top complained brokers, top visited brokers and top followed 
brokers are also good reference for investors. It’s also worth-noting 
that up till now, WikiFX has recorded detail profiles of over 15,000 
forex brokers and the information from 31 regulation authorities 
worldwide. This effectively saves investors more time in looking up a 
broker, while better protecting their asset safety during trading by 
offering a transparent, secure and reliable trading environment.

Having worked in the forex industry for years, WikiFX strives to a forex 
market with sound orders. In the past few years, WikiFX established 
several branches across the globe and remain committed to long-term 
goals such as researching local market environment and improving data on 
brokers regulation and compliance. Furthermore, WikiFX has traveled to 
many countries including Britain, Australia, Vietnam, Thailand, 
Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, in order to help investors find out 
more about the business of brokers in reality and avoid potential risks 
during investment process.

  Looking ahead, we will remain committed to our mission and strive to 
live up to expectations of clients, in facing the many challenges on our 
journey of making WikiFX a quality global forex magazine. We constantly 
improve the quality of WikiFX Magazine to bring readers better 
experience, you are more than welcomed to share your comments and advice 
on the magazine.

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