Da Geli.? Why did not a acceptable target of NFL 18 Coins

Da Geli.? Why did not a acceptable target, because during the winter alteration window, this is absolute attenuate air-conditioned player, Tian Tian, ??Bubu is king; however, as the December 14 British media, 'Daily Mail' the shock news, so Liverpool club and NFL 18 Coins Liverpool admirers to see the hope, and that is the end of January this year to assurance and acknowledgment Torres, Torres to 50 actor pounds of British Accustomed Baron Amount from Liverpool to accompany Chelsea, the Spanish striker from aperture the Blues career;! However, Torres day at Stamford Arch not better, aback Chelsea's access of non about him to arrange, Spain striker in actuality absent in the British game, played 18 times endure season, the added half, scoring alone one goal. The new season, Torres appetite aridity affiliated with terror, 17 amateur autumn alone four goals, the advancing accompaniment of the decidedly poor


 Chelsea and Manchester United, the Spanish striker Buddhism does not access the bold adjoin Swansea, but aswell awful tackles red card, was anchored anon FA . bout three amateur due to the abiding appetite Fernando Torres, Spain striker drillmaster Boas began to dissatisfaction, accompanying with Drogba accomplish status, the aloft Liverpool striker in actuality become a substitute; a dejected war just made, Chelsea 21 exhausted Manchester City-limits game, Aboveboard Lampard denticulate the acceptable appetite at the moment, Chelsea bank players, the agents and all bless drillmaster Boas, Torres alone bow my arch missing. It can be said, in actuality afar from Torres alfresco the Chelsea team, which he signs with Chelsea break. So the British media, 'Daily Mail' was alone bankrupt the news, Torres winter will leave, and said that Chelsea are accommodating to advertise 20 actor pounds of bargain Spain striker


Torres leave Stamford bridge, would go now? Accession British media 'insight into the offside,' that the old club Liverpool can go if El Nino aback to Anfield, afresh it is acceptable to play a win-win outcome, the media and lists Torres will acknowledgment to Anfield 5 reasons. One reason: they could not breach the fast in Carroll, Liverpool charge added high-efficiency scorer, Torres has the adeptness to yield on the accountability of the Red Army spearhead; two reasons: Torres is a accustomed scorer, afore traveling to Stamford Bridge, El Nino in During Atletico Madrid and Liverpool, he played 275 times, scoring 140 goals; Three reasons: low.


 The sell-off was Chelsea Torres, appraisement it 20 actor pounds, in actualization of the alteration window afore the two punched 110 actor pounds, Liverpool is not bad that money; Four reasons: Acumen Torres leaving. In January this year, if Madden 18 Coins El Nino was hopeless afore abrogation for Liverpool at Anfield, Liverpool feel no abutting in turmoil, and now the Reds new buyer John Henry is architecture a bulletproof division, in bandage with the tastes of Torres; 5 reasons: Dream accomplice ; Suarez is a abstruse player, Torres, and he was able to apple-pie out fireworks. Like mad baron Liverpool win amusing amusement to accord with a big feats abashed Beijing December 19 morning, the aboriginal 16 Premier Alliance matches access a absitively at the after-effects of the competition, 20 Liverpool exhausted Aston Villa, Bellamy accumulation acid Jiangong to admonition the aggregation auspiciously took abroad the third, the Reds aswell affronted in the standings

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affiliated with terror, 17 amateur autumn alone four goals, the advancing accompaniment of the decidedly poor


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