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But nowhere has the advantage of great genes been better demonstrated than in the case of this car - Range Rover's shiny, sleek new Velar.

This recently-launched handsome mid-sizer, filling the gap between the Range Rover Sport and baby Evoque, boasts DNA that can be traced back to the grand-daddy of all luxury SUVs - the original Range Rover from the early 70s.

In fact, the Velar's name is borrowed from a prototype model from those early development days of the British off-roader brand.

But the Velar's enviable heritage doesn't stop there.

As well as the marque's modern-day flagship, the Range Rover Vogue, it gets some family traits from the very successful Range Rover Sport and its funky, compact SUV sibling, the Evoque.

And, of course, the Velar's first cousin is none other than the newly-launched, sixth-generation Land Rover Discovery - a car we've praised generously in this space just a few weeks ago.

So with breeding like that, you'd expect the Velar to be something pretty special. And special doesn't quite do it justice - like saying Roger Federer is a pretty decent tennis player.

The Velar brings levels of technology, comfort and style that further raise the bar in the ever-more competitive luxury SUV segment. It's as if its British makers gathered up every piece of intelligence and insight they've gained over the past four decades and poured it all into one rather gorgeous, dynamically brilliant machine.

It's quite possibly the best accident attorneys Rangie ever.

Luxury? It feels as plush and quiet as the flagship Vogue.

Dynamics? It's noticeably more nimble and responsive than the larger Range Rover Sport, which until now has worn the brand's performance mantle.

Versatile? It's small enough to be at home in city traffic - yet much roomier and sturdier in its driving habits than the city-centric Evoque.

Affordable? Well, reasonably so - with a starting price just over $70,000 for the entry-level model.

Just like Goldilocks, the Velar seems to have found the sweet spot - not too big, not too small, but juuuuust right.

It also shares some of its underpinnings with the very impressive Jaguar F-Pace - the other British-built mid-size SUV that's winning a long line of admirers with its sporty nature and classy interior. Yes, more of that classy family DNA.

Like the F-Pace, the Velar is sleek and athletic in its stance, with a low, sloping roofline redolent of a big sports coupe.

Yet inside it feels impressively spacious, despite that hunkered-down cabin, elevated waist and minimal glasshouse area.

Dynamically, it matches the poised, balanced character of the F-Pace - handling more like a sports sedan than a high-riding soft-roader.

The Velar's styling may polarise opinion. Personally, I think it's gorgeous - particularly with the massive 22-inch wheels on our test model.

We drove the Velar in its highest specification - the full-fruit, limited-build First Edition model that's available only for the first year of its model life.

At $168,250 it's also the most expensive Velar by far - more than double the entry-level price but boasting features to match anything in this category and beyond.

Inside, it probably shifts the needle on what a modern, high-tech cockpit should look like and how it should perform.

It may also have set a new benchmark for the number of high-definition display screens in the one cockpit - three in all.

One 12-inch screen replaces the traditional instrument panel with a crisp, easy-to-read and customisable screen that can display everything from speed and engine revs in analogue form to a full-colour navigation map.

The second 10-inch screen, atop the centre stack, primarily controls all cabin functions from climate control to audio settings and seat heaters.

The third, also 10 inches in diameter and sitting near the driver's left knee at the bottom of the console, gives infinite adjustment possibilities to the Velar's very Range Rover-like offroad capabilities.

Dial up everything from "mud, rut" mode to Dynamic that allows the car to squat down its right height and firm up the suspension dampers and you've literally got a machine that can go from swamp to speedway in an instant.

In the case of our test model - the performance-focused, supercharged petrol V6, designated as the P380, that means a 0-100km/h sprint time of a racy 5.7 seconds.

There's also a smooth, torquey three-litre turbo-diesel V6, pushing out a beefy 700Nm, called the D300. Both drive through a very competent, intuitive eight-speed auto.

Other Velar engine options include a pair of four-cylinder diesels with impressive 132kW and 177kW outputs, plus turbocharged four-cylinder petrol variants producing 184kW and 221kW.

Trim levels range from the basic Velar to S, SE and the well appointed HSE upon which the First Edition is based.

The technology stack in the Velar is rather epic - some of it utterly ingenious, some bordering on the gimmicky.

For instance, its navigation system will not only monitor traffic on your journey in real time, plotting alternate routes to help you avoid congestion - but it will also send texts or emails to your intended destination letting them know if you're going to arrive late.

It will provide wi-fi hotspots for up to eight devices inside the cabin, and can access popular apps, such as Spotify, via your Android or iPhone.

An InControl remote app also allows you to interact with the car remotely - to lock or unlock the vehicle, check how much fuel you have in the tank and even start the engine or turn on the climate control via your smartphone or Apple watch.

Jaguar says you can perform these functions from anywhere in the world. Great for scaring the cat, perhaps, but I can't really think of any reason why you'd want to start your car while it's sitting in your driveway and you're on holidays in Sweden.

Still, if you do so by accident, the Velar has Secure Tracker technology to help you find your car should someone decide to drive it off.

Other, more logical technology includes the gesture-controlled electric tailgate - a standard feature on luxury cars these days - and a very clever self-parking function that identifies appropriate parallel or angle-in parking spots and, once accepted, will manoeuvre the car into and out of the chosen spot.

There's also an Advanced Tow Assist which takes the considerable worry out of reversing a trailer on the back of your SUV. Instead of "counter steering", the Velar controls your trailer via the rotary controller on the infotainment screen. Brilliant.

A trailer, you might ask? On an urbane-looking car like this?

Well yes, it's a camping rig, as well.

Like all Land Rover/Range Rovers, its off-road capabilities are immense - despite its flash styling.

Just another talent that runs in the family.


HOW BIG? While technically it's a mid-sizer, it feels bigger inside and cuts an imposing figure on the road. It will accommodate five in absolute comfort with about 588 litres of space for your cargo.

HOW FAST? Our supercharged V6 test machine, with 280kW on tap, will rumble to the speed limit in less than six seconds, which is impressively quick. Even the lower-performance engines all deliver smart performance.

HOW THIRSTY? While the performance flagship sucks about 9.4L/100km, the diesels are frugal - 6.4L/100km for the V6 diesel, and as low as 5.4L/100km for the four-cylinder oil-burners.

HOW MUCH? The base model can be had for a tick over $70-grand which makes it worth a look if you're considering a Volvo V60, Audi Q5 or BMW X3. At the top-end, the luxurious First Edition will set you back more than $180k on-road.

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