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I'm a power hang gliding and caving. I Wild West coast, especially to explore the caves since 1979. I am a member of the National Speleological Society since 1980 and focus most of my efforts in photography and conservation. California has a large number of caves with a high concentration paragliding tour of limestone caves just minutes from my house in the vein of the Sierra Madre of central California. One afternoon in early 2001, I saw a National Geographic special fly few anthropologists in the desert with Sudan for the engines in the rear. These scientists are high for signs of ancient human presence paragliding tours in vietnam the skyscraper, looking flat for faster training from the desert floor. I immediately thought it would be the ideal platform for remote caves in search of. How is this possible, you ask? Most of the caves of the float on the west coast about 56 degrees. Since respiration natural caves, is a cloud of steam rises from the entrance. The larger the cavity, the greater the condensation column.

paragliding tours in vietnamOn my first flight of the Columbia airport, I went straight to a large cave known in the Stanislaus River Canyon. As I approached the cave, the air that rises a mile and a half to see. It was time for this technology to find new caves in areas previously inaccessible. I went to the screening camp area south again. The area was chosen to penetrate six meters high with a brush, which is much more difficult invaded. At the top of the ridge, I see, was a limestone, which seemed to clean the brush tends downwards. In the bottom of the hill, I could see the limestone. This leads me to believe that the limestone continued through the brush on the top of the ridge on the floor. From the air, I could see that what is true.

Flying at 100 feet, looking for a small cloud of condensation of about 1000 feet above the limestone. I could see the entrance, but was clearly the rising air column. I took my GPS, flew to the spot and marked his place. A few weeks later, my partner and I went caving topographic map and plot the best way to access the site. After half an hour to crawl on hands and knees, which ranked first and found a vertical shaft about 9 inches wide paragliding tours in vietnam a small rock. We could see and feel the air rising through the hole, but it was too small to be effective. Our plan is now in the near future, excavation is needed to complete the entry.

Located at the entrance of the cave, without the use of my paramotor can track the entire month of ticks, snakes and did all the creatures that live there. The glider will open a new dimension for me and fellow cavers caving. More updates to follow exploration.

If powered flight in an advanced stage caving imagine what other uses for you!

About the Author
Hello from Netherlands. I'm glad to came across you.
My first name is Stephany.

I live in a small town called Elshout in east Netherlands.
I was also born in Elshout 29 years ago. Married in July year 2007. I'm working at the university.

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