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We’re delighted to confirm the recent update of Pixel Car Racer resolved the painful IOS crashing issues we were having. We’re also pleased to confirm that the recent updates gave a nod to the upcoming game modes. It’s safe to state that just a little bit of wee came out! (I’ve updated our review accordingly)

pixel car racerI like to think I’ve kinda got my finger on the pulse in regards to gaming, especially when it involves four wheels and an engine.

Therefore it came as a surprise when my 9 year old started bugging me try this new “pixel” car game. Originally I had dismissed this as yet another Pixel Gun, Roblox or minecrafty type spin off trying to capitalise on the kind of 8-bit graphics I grew up with.

Before I discuss the reasons for my love affair with this little game, I need to point something out. This game is still in development, its not Beta but there’s some holes. Some of the modes for example “Story Mode” and “Rivalry” are presently not available. This equates to about half the game modes but believe us as we state that really doesn’t matter at all. What will be available is amazing.

Currently PCR racers offers both Drag and Street modes. These do basically what you’d expect.

The drag mode offers quarter, half and full mile races against a matched CPU / AI opponent. At higher levels it’s a cake walk but with lower powered cars it can leave you scrabbling to upgrade at any cost (kidney anyone?!)

Street Races offer three modes. CTF (Capture the flag, Cruise and Touge). Capture the flag pits you against the AI within an try to keep the flag for as long as possible. Points / cash is awarded for the amount of time you hold the flag, this will likely be captured by ramming the vehicle with the flag from behind (oooohh errr missis!). Cruise mode is simply simply that. Cruise along without a care on the globe as well as the wind within your hair. Touge mode is a VS race against the AI, the aim is to put as much distance between you as well as your opponent as is possible. As soon as you reach the specific distance in-front of your opponent you win!

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