Andaz Hotel By Zurcher Arquitectos

During our hikes through the website we undergone a few archeological pre- Columbian fragments made out of lava steel and clay. We seen that the area modest flora and fauna of the location influenced our ancestors. They certainly were not about jaguars and eagles, for the opposite, these were inspired by the small cocoons, thorns and seeds. From there, we explored similar resources of creativity to produce the arts and crafts. With that in mind, we created the architectural principle for the project.
Through the look method, the greatest concern was the website conditions. The 28-acre oceanfront parcel, presented an irregular topography with an amount difference of 60 meters between the best and the cheapest point. The buildings were configured in ways to enhance area use and construction performance and were logically found to truly have a reduced effect on the natural water pathways. Direction was decided by normal ventilation, daylight and ocean views.
There is a sincere strategy on the resources applied and a real absence of nonlocal ones. With this, we brought a naturalist method of harmony contemporary design with touches of character that might mix in to the organic surroundings such as for example woven textiles, strong woods and carved local artifacts.
This system was separated in four parts: The guest rooms, created by 7 blocks of two and three experiences high. The restaurants spread over the project in three distinct place, one of them with direct access to the beach. The main building composed by the lobby, meeting areas and terraces experienced by way of a courtyard. Eventually an 11, 000 square-foot Sanctuary Nielsthomas1 based at the tip of your website, as one last destiny to the heavy normal forest.
Costa Rica is noted for their peace-loving perspective and we thought tapping into Mom Nature's power was the easiest way to connect the resort with the general feel of the country.

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I'm an architect, writer, and teacher from Japan. I'm generally in to understanding something new.
my life motto is: “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but often better than the usual master of one.” One day i'll vacation the entire world and visit its architectural wonders.
In the meanwhile, i contend myself with examining and authoring them.

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