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The more valuable the original gift, the more likely they are going to want the second gift, so make sure your free gifts are unique and valuable, and most importantly benefit your subscribers life. The worst thing you can do is promise your subscribers a free gift, and then they don't get it because the redirect link didn't work. Always provide a backup plan to make sure you get your content delivered as promised.

With obviously billions of people across the globe using the Internet on a regular basis, a business owner ought to consider how much he can utilize it! With a website on the Internet, there are obviously ways a person can increase traffic to his site, and probably draw more sales to occur for his business! The Internet has become such a common use for many, and is probably one of the most effective if not the most effective tool for business owners across the world to use to increase their businesses popularity.

Consider the various ways one can utilize the Internet to increase success for their business. Not only having a website, but also having a blog and forum. When people are communicating with one another across the globe about your business, it can build a sense of trust for you and likely help people new to what you have to offer better understand it.


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Your download page can be built in a few simple  Prime Time Profits Review   steps. First, you will need to upload your pdf or video file to your server using a free FTP program like Filezilla. This will give you a direct link for your subscribers to download your content. Then you can simply build your download page by saying something like, "thank you for subscribing.. Here is your free download as promised". Then you can put some text that says "click here to download" and you would just link that text directly to your download file.
Once your download page is build, you will need to upload that page to your server and that will give you the link to send out in your email.Another thing you can do to make sure your prospects get the content is to redirect them to the download page as soon as they opt in. Just be sure and put some wording on the page that lets them know that you have sent them an email with the direct links for future reference. This way, if they didn't get the email, they can double check the email address that they gave you. It's even a good idea to say something like, "Here is your download I promised, and I have sent you another free gift to your email inbox so make sure you used the correct email address"


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